Environmental process engineer
Field engineer
Sales manager
Job Description
Job  Requirement

Location: Shanghai   Number: three   Education: bachelor's degree

1.Complete the design task of the project independently;

2.Responsible  for  coordinating and communicating with other   professional  and external resources during the design process;

3.Assist design director to work, provide design and resource support on time;

4.Cooperate with sales department for technical support.

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering, water supply and drainage or chemical engineering;

2.More than 5 years working experience in design institute or engineering company;

3.Fluent in English, cet-4 or above;

4.Proficient in MS and CAD drawing;

5.Engaged in the detailed design of industrial wastewater treatment system, familiar with biochemical treatment, chemical treatment and other basic processes;

6.Strong sense of responsibility, leadership, good communication and teamwork spirit.

Job Description
Job  Requirement

Location: Shanghai   Number: three   Education: junior college

1.Responsible for site management, organizing the implementation, management and control of engineering projects;

2.Guide the field installation, process debugging and solve the technical problems;

3.Cooperate with technical department for technical support;

4.Responsible for the communication with owners, supervisors and related departments.

1.Major in water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, college degree or above;

2.At least 3 years working experience in sewage treatment field;

3.Knowledge of engineering design and installation standards4.Strong communication skills, good at solving problems on site;

4.Familiar with AutoCAD and Microsoft office.
Job Description
Job  Requirement

Location: Shanghai   Number: two   Education: bachelor's degree

1.Responsible for waste water treatment industry project sales, finish the sales task;

2.According to the company to provide customer resources, achieve sales target;

3.Develop customer resources and look for potential customers;

4.Assit sales director to complete task.

1.College degree in environment, chemical industry, medicine, marketing, etc;

2.At least 3 years sales experience in environmental protection, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries;

3.Strong communication ability and the enterprising spirit, certain leadership ability.


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